Skincare Tips for Men: Start with a Korean skin analysis!

After working at Eunogo, Jayden became more involved in Korean beauty and skincare. Since he was determined to take better care of his skin in 2020, he got a Korean skin analysis at Cellcure Lab in Seoul. Since there are little K-beauty resources from a man's point of view, Jayden thought it would be interesting to share his experience with Korean skin analysis.

From their rigorous skincare routines (just look at the popular 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine) to regular skin treatments, Koreans are known for taking good care of their skin. Contrary to popular belief, it is not only women who are obsessed with skincare. In Korea, men take great care of their skin too. Some even put on light makeup when going out and get skin treatments at dermatologists. There are also a wide range of skincare products targeted at men in Korea.

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My First Skin Analysis Experience at Cellcure Lab

Recently, I heard some others saying that it is important to start taking care of your skin in your late 20s. Since it was the New Year, I wanted to analyze my skin condition. I wanted to find out the exact condition of my skin so I can begin managing my skin more efficiently.

When I shared my concerns to the beauty experts at Eunogo, they recommended Cellcure Lab right away. Cellcure Lab uses the latest technology to provide the most accurate skin analysis in the world. Since I didn't know much about skincare, Eunogo helped me make an appointment.

When I Googled Cellcure Lab, I found out that it is a company that creates personalized cosmetics based on accurate skin analysis technology. This technology is developed by a giant pharmaceutical company, Celltrion. Based on medical technology, I found it fascinating that they suggest not only beauty tips but also health and precise care methods for your skin.

I arrived at Cellcure Lab with curiosity and excitement about the test results. I was worried that my "skin age" would be much higher than my current age, since I haven't been that invested in skincare. 

The Location

Cellcure Lab was much bigger than I imagined. It is located near Sinsa Station in Seoul and it was part of a large building. The interior was neatly organized and the moment I stepped foot inside, I felt relaxed.

The environment was kept spotless, even shiny. But what really surprised me was that every employee working at Cellcure Lab had really nice skin. How is that even possible? That made me even more interested in getting the skin analysis.

Skin Testing and Analysis

One of the staff led me upstairs. When I went upstairs, I was greeted by another staff and this cool-looking machine. The staff began with introducing me to the skin analysis process and the machine that's used, called Janus.

Here's how the skin analysis typically goes.

1. Face cleansing
2. Skin test with Janus
3. Analysis of test results
4. Recommendation of personally customized cosmetic products

My diagnosis turned out to be better than I imagined. However, I was warned it could worsen if I don’t pay more attention to my skin from now on. After the skin analysis, I could choose to get my results printed out.

I was relieved to hear that my "skin age" was younger than my real age. However, the skin around my nose produced a lot of oil. I was given some advice on how to control the oil. One of the tips was to choose lighter cosmetic products. I also learned about the importance of sunscreen, and how to apply it evenly throughout the face. I was taught the techniques to fully cleanse my face and apply to apply sunscreen evenly throughout the face.

Introduction to Customized Products and Skincare Routine Tips

After the skin consultation, the staff recommended some customized products for my skin. I was introduced to the process of customizing these products to fit my skin condition. They also kindly taught me the way to apply these products to fit my skin condition and my skin constituents.

I was also given these samples, which made me really happy!

My Final Thoughts

I'm sure those of you who have looked into Korean skincare routines can relate to this. Having multiple products in a skincare routine can be confusing. If you are not familiar with beauty products, it can be difficult to figure out the order to use each product. Some products, such as actives, may also be too harsh to be used together, especially if you are just getting started.

Having someone guide me through my own skincare routine was so helpful. The exact order and method of using each product was slowly explained to me. Equipped with new information and skills, I have more confidence in tackling my skincare routine.

Thank you so much Eunogo for introducing me to Cellcure Lab. Now that I understand the condition of my skin, I will continue to take care of my skin. Some guys do a 10 Step Korean skincare routine every night, while others are a one-soap-for-everything type of guy. Regardless, this Personal Skin Analysis and Check-up program can help you better understand your skin so you can take better care of it.

This program used to be only accessible in Korean language but now you can enjoy this in English or Mandarin via EunogoIf you want to book this program, you can schedule and purchase the program here.

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