Meet the Team: Yujin Hwang, Head of Indonesia

Meet the people behind Eunogo. Yujin is the Co-founder and Head of Eunogo Indonesia. With a doctorate from Beijing University, Yujin is responsible for managing the business in Indonesia and providing our Indonesian customers with the best services that Eunogo has to offer.

We interviewed Yujin to get a deeper understanding of Eunogo Indonesia and how both offices work closely together.

What did you work as before Eunogo?

I graduated from Peking University's School of Stomatology with a Bachelor of Medicine. After graduation, I worked at Peking University People's Hospital as a dentist.

What is your role at Eunogo? What is a typical day at work like for you?

I am the Head of Eunogo Indonesia. While Eunogo is well-known in Singapore and Korea, there is a lack of awareness in Indonesia so we are working hard to create a stronger presence in Indonesia and studying how we can provide our Indonesian customers with safer and more comfortable medical services in Korea.

How many languages do you speak? How did you learn them?

I attended middle school, high school and university in China, so I can speak Korean and Mandarin fluently. I can also speak English, though not as fluently as Korean and Mandarin. Most importantly, I have been diligently studying Bahasa recently. I think learning their language is a form of respecting the country, since I am here in Indonesia.

What are some procedures popular with Indonesians these days?

In Indonesia, laser treatments, botox, and fillers are the most popular procedures that Indonesians get here locally. Ultherapy and coolsculpting are also very popular locally. Those that travel to Korea tend to get eye surgery, face lift, face contour and liposuction mostly.

Jessica Iskandar, Dr. Irene and Yujin from Eunogo Indonesia

Yujin, Dr. Irene and Jessica Iskandar during Girlsquad Eunogo Makeover Tour in Seoul 

How did you start the Indonesian office? Do you have anyconnections to Indonesia?

In 2012, while I was studying at Peking University, many Chinese people went to Korea to receive medical services such as plastic surgery, treatments and health check-ups. At that time, a lot of my Chinese acquaintances asked me for advice for the best clinics and doctors. I remember carefully researching and finding suitable clinics for those that approached me. Patients who did not have much knowledge and searched for clinics online alone were often quoted exorbitant prices or had problems after their surgery. I always felt bad and sorry for them for facing such issues.

To be honest, many Korean clinics had lots of problems at that time. The clinics would suddenly raise prices after foreign patients had arrived in Korea. The worst problem was shadow doctors. Some clinics switched the doctors after patients were anesthetized. They would have an experienced doctor do the consultation with the patient, but then once the patient was under, they got a doctor who is still in training to do the surgery. After people found out about this, Korean clinics lost their credibility with foreign patients from China and other countries.

After graduating from university and seeing many incidents like these, I thought of creating a medical concierge service so that foreigners could enjoy medical services in Korea safely and comfortably. 

As for connections to Indonesia, I met my girlfriend in university and we have known each other for 6 years. She is Indonesian so I naturally got to know about Indonesia. As I learnt more about Indonesia, I saw that many Indonesians were going to Singapore, Malaysia and Korea to receive medical services. However, as I had expected, there were no services in Indonesia to help them safely and comfortably receive medical services overseas. That's why we created Eunogo Indonesia to achieve that for our Indonesian customers. 

What keeps you motivated to do what you do?

I receive the most motivation when our customers return to Indonesia and tell me how satisfied they are with their surgery or treatment outcomes, and how thankful they are for the convenient services that Eunogo provided. I get a lot of positive energy from that.

As I mentioned earlier, when Indonesian customers travel to Korea for medical services, they always feel unsafe. Are the surgery fees really justified? Is the doctor who is doing my surgery really a reputable one? They often have these sort of doubts and questions when receiving medical services in Korea. Eunogo's role is to ensure that our customers can be 100% assured and satisfied while receiving convenient medical services. 

What is your most memorable experience working at Eunogo?

There was a customer who previously had a few plastic surgeries in other countries than Korea. After experiencing post-surgery side effects dissatisfaction with the surgery results, she was stressed for several years. She had a material called Amazingel in her chin which always caused inflammation.

She told Eunogo that she wanted to go to Korea for a revision surgery, and desperately requested us to look for a good and trustworthy doctor. We searched for weeks for a reputable clinic and a doctor that is able to resolve her concerns. In the end, we managed to find the right doctor for her, and the revision surgery was a huge success.

The customer was very grateful and said that the surgery helped to heal her emotionally as well, as she had been struggling with insecurity due to the failed surgery the first time around. I felt that it was a very rewarding and unforgettable experience serving this customer. She said that she would be returning to Korea at the start of next year, and if there's a chance, it would be nice to be able to interview her.

Do you have a favourite saying?

Although it's not a famous saying, the one I like and believe in the most is "There's nothing that can't be done in this world."

Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to your customers?

I really like Indonesia as a country. As much as I like Indonesia, I want to provide our valuable services to as many Indonesian people as possible. Let's create a service that not only heals the body but also heals the hearts of our Eunogo customers. Please watch over us. Thank you!