Meet the Team: Sophia Hwang, Medical Community Director

Meet the people behind Eunogo. Sophia Hwang is the Co-founder and Medical Community Director of Eunogo. Armed with a degree in Nursing Science and over 6 years of working experience at a major plastic surgery clinic in Gangnam, she leads the team in partnering with clinics and ensuring medical quality control.

We interviewed Sophia to better understand how Eunogo works from an insider's point of view and to know more about her personal life.

What is your background and how did you think to start Eunogo?

I graduated with a degree in nursing science in Korea and my first job was in a plastic surgery clinic. I worked there for around 6 years first as a nurse, and then a marketer and moved up to the head of marketing there. While working in the industry, I've seen so many local and foreign patients and also have seen many cases where foreign patients were not treated well or got ripped off due to lack of knowledge by illegal brokers. I knew that something needed to be changed. Then I met Joy who had the same vision to positively change the Korean medical tourism market and we started Eunogo together.

What is your role at Eunogo? What is a typical day at work like for you?

At Eunogo, I coordinate the services and beauty programs offered by the clinics in Korea to ensure that customers can enjoy them without any problems. I also take care of the marketing projects in Korea. Inviting influencers and hosting events are some of the projects we do.

My morning routine is to prioritize my to-do list and focus on strategic work. In the afternoon, I spend most of my time communicating and coaching team members in Korea office and meeting with medical partners. 

What is the most enjoyable/your favourite part of work?

For me, it is the sense of accomplishment when I am able to help customers through Eunogo's service. Many customers require a lot of help, such as with finding meals, choosing clinics and getting to the clinic. When customers express their gratitude and satisfaction with Eunogo after receiving our help, I feel very happy and I enjoy my work as well. The sense of satisfaction is what drives me to work hard at Eunogo.

How do you juggle family life and work?

I wake up early, set a schedule for the day ahead, and do most of the work in the day. I allocate time in the evenings for my family. I'm very focused on my work in the morning and afternoon, so that I can spend plenty of time with my child in the evening.

Have you done any procedures yourself? Could you tell us more about what procedures are popular these days?

In my 20's, I've got a few plastic surgeries including double eyelids and chin augmentation, which I am still extremely happy about (laughter). Recently, I got a jaw botox for slimmer v-line shape. Without botox, my face is a little round. I get botox periodically to maintain a slimmer face shape. 

These days, bright and clear porcelain skin has been really popular in Korea. Most like to have fresh and moisturized skin with dewy look. Also, health consciousness is on the rise, and clear, flawless skin that looks healthy has also been a hot topic these days. In order to improve their skin texture and achieve bright and clear skin, many people turn to nutrient-loaded injections such as Baby Face Cell Therapy and NCTF Filorga (also known as Chanel Injection).

Where do you see Eunogo in 5 years?

I hope that anyone from any country can experience their desired beauty and wellness treatments through Eunogo's service. We hope to expand Eunogo such that people from other countries can visit clinics in Korea, and Koreans can also visit clinics in Thailand for example. We also want to make beauty and wellness treatments more accessible to everyone, so that it is not just a special experience you can get once or twice a year, but instead something that becomes part of your daily life.

What keeps you motivated to do what you do?

I think my motivation is my family and social circle. By surrounding myself with positive people, I receive positive energy from them and feel more motivated to work hard and become a better person.  

What is your most memorable experience working at Eunogo?

It hasn't been all perfect and smooth sailing for Eunogo. Sometimes, our customers may feel that they are not mentally prepared for their surgeries. I am happy when I am able to provide them comfort, and see them satisfied in the end. There are times when customers would call me in the middle of the night, telling me that they are scared and worried for their tricky procedures, or that they feel a lot of pain after their surgery. There was once, I went to visit a customer because she felt painful and scared after her surgery. She said that she felt very lonely and scared getting a surgery alone in Korea, but she was very thankful for Eunogo's supporting her and being there for her. That was my most memorable experience.

Do you have a favorite saying?

My favorite is "the show must go on". I think it's important to not be too affected by positive or negative events. Just like how "the show goes on", we must get on with our lives without hesitation or worry.

Is there anything you would like to say to your customers?

Our customers have given us a lot of feedback and inspiration. We'd love to always stay in close contact with our customers and listen to what you have to say. I hope that as our customers use our Eunogo services, they can feel free to voice their opinions and thoughts. We hope you'll continue to love Eunogo!