I tried a Korean anti-aging secret called Scarlet RF Treatment

Looking for effective anti-aging treatment without downtime but more effective than a facial? Follow Joy Kang from Eunogo sharing her journey on high-tech skin regeneration treatment in Korea.

During my last visit to Seoul a few months ago, I tried a Blooming Skin Detox Facial. At that time, the dermatologist suggested the Scarlet skin regeneration treatment which results in collagen boost, pore reduction and skin tightening as my next treatment. Curious about this, I went back to the same clinic to try this Scarlet treatment. 

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Check out the video above to see the full consultation and treatment process!

The Clinic

Waiting for my consultation to begin at the lounge


The clinic is conveniently located next to Gangnam station. When I first stepped into the clinic, the staff were very friendly and inviting. The windows next to the seating area let in lots of natural light into the clinic's reception area. You get a perfect view of the bustling streets of Gangnam from the windows.


Consultation with Dr. Kang

This time, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Kang Jung-Ha, who is the head dermatologist of the clinic for my consultation. She was very friendly and approachable. She also mentioned that Scarlet is also one of her favorite treatments to maintain her youthful appearance. 

Scarlet treatment uses a high-quality radio frequency (RF) machine with fractional micro-needles. It delivers heat energy to the dermis directly to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and also remodeling dermal elastic fibers. Scarlet treatment does not use any foreign materials, instead it simply increases your own regenerative capability. The treatment can help restore skin elasticity and even reduce the appearance large pores and wrinkles. It can be used to treat lost skin elasticity due to a variety of reasons, such as aging or exercising often. This treatment is most suitable for those with thin skin, and those with thicker skin can get a lifting treatment for their concerns. It is recommended to start this treatment in your late 20s (for those with thinner skin), when pores start to enlarge and fine lines begin to appear.

All smiles before the treatment!

There is about 3 hour downtime for this treatment, and you may experience a little bit of redness. You should not put on makeup (not even sunscreen!) nor wash your face after the treatment, but you can go back to putting makeup the next day. Some skin flakes might appear, but they will disappear within 2 to 3 days. In my case, there were no flakes after the treatment though. 

With all that said, it was time to get into the treatment!

Treatment Process

The therapist cleansed my skin to remove all the makeup and dirt within my pores. Then, she applied in-house exfoliating cream to remove the dead skin on the surface. Next, she applied the numbing cream because the laser treatment can be a little bit painful. It was left on for about 20 minutes.

After the 20 minutes was up, I was escorted into another treatment room, this time filled with high-tech machines all around me. I reclined into the chair and after wiping off the numbing cream, I was ready to begin the treatment.

Dr. Kang carefully administered Scarlet onto my skin. She also made sure to keep an eye on my skin's condition. Scarlet was administered fully on my face including under the eyebrows and crow's feet areas. Since one of the main effects of Scarlet is lifting, this will help prevent droopy eyelids. Dr. Kang was very careful and made sure all areas were covered. Thanks to numb cream, I I did not feel any pain but I could feel some sensations and discomfort time to time for the areas that were more sensitive. 

After the treatment was done, I was brought back to my original treatment room where the therapist applied a Cryo calming care followed by modelling mask pack to calm my skin. For modelling mask pack, you can ask the therapist to avoid eyes and lips area. 

My Final Thoughts

Korean RF treatment

A week after the treatment, my skin was totally glowing from within and it looked much brighter than before. My after photo is without any skin makeup. I certainly felt my skin became a lot smoother and tightened. I especially liked the fact that it does not use any foreign materials, instead it simply increases the regenerative capability of our skin. Overall, I felt that it was good investment for my skin. 

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