Getting in shape for summer

Are you struggling to lose weight and achieve a slimmer body shape to no avail? You've tried everything from dieting to exercising, but the progress is slow. Maybe you thought to yourself, you would rather spend your gym fees on a procedure that will promise results? Below are some of the latest and most popular procedures in Korea for slimming down.

1. Cell-Cut Injection

Dr. Choi Bo Yoon, head dermatologist and director of Dr. Skinny posing with Kpop girl group Favorite

Cell-Cut Injection is the latest technology in Korea that is an easy and reliable way to remove fat cells. Unlike traditional Korean fat dissolving injections, Cell-Cut Injection not only removes fat cells but also refines your cellulite to achieve a slimmer and more toned body shape. By using the clinic's own PAP technique, it reduces pain and injects the medication throughout your fat layers to have an effect on a broader area. The procedure is painless and you can go back to shopping in the Gangnam area immediately after with absolutely no downtime. This is the secret to girl group members staying so slim despite having to be in the public all the time!

The results for the Cell-Cut Injection speak for themselves. Head to this page to see more before/after photos now!

2. Ultra Z Liposculpting

Ultra Z Liposculpting is a more advanced technology compared to traditional liposuction. It was developed to melt even the most stubborn fat into liquid and remove it. This procedure leaves a smooth skin surface, unlike other methods. By shining high rays into the skin, fat cells are destroyed. This procedure can be done even on thin skin surface, where fat is difficult to remove using traditional liposuction.

You can see dramatic effects on the saggy or loose skin, giving you highly satisfying results. Ultra-Z also has a shorter procedure time and faster recovery compared to other methods, which is convenient for many customers.

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3. Corset Tummy Tuck

The Corset Tummy Tuck is useful for surgery can flatten your abdomen and create a slim waist line by removing excess fat, skin, and tightening abdomen muscles. Sometimes, even after losing weight with strict dieting and exercising, you will still find that you have saggy skin and stubborn fats that just will not go away. This can be improved with the tummy tuck surgery, also known as abdominoplasty.

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4Mini Liposuction

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Not comfortable with anything invasive, even injections? There are also detoxing treatments to rid your body of toxins and waste that you can try.

5. Premium Medical Theraspa

Check out the video above to see just how relaxing the Premium Medical Theraspa is! This is a medical-science based spa treatment that differs significantly from that of normal spa treatment. This program is designed to help you achieve a balanced body by improving body metabolism and circulation. You can expect to feel improvements to your body system and immune system. With the Theraspa program, you will experience better blood and lymph circulation, muscle relaxation, stress relief, detoxification, body slimming, and the strengthening of immune system.

Theraspa therapists are equipped with professional experience and years of medical training over 7-years. With cutting-edge Hydro-treatment facilities and equipment, Medical Theraspa will also help you maintain a balanced body shape. The spa also uses all natural ingredients that help to stimulate blood circulation in the body. Give yourself a well-deserved break with this Medical Theraspa program!

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6. Body Detox and Slimming

This Body Detox and Slimming program is designed to cultivate a beautiful body shape and line in a clean and private space. It is recommended for those who want to lessen the appearance of cellulite and improve pure blood circulation, or those who suffer from body swelling.

You will have a 1:1 consultation with a doctor, who will discuss which treatment option will be better for you. There are two options, Endermologie Cellulite Treatment, which helps to eliminate and shrink fat cells, and High Frequency Treatment, which helps to tighten and rejuvenate skin.

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