My luxurious lifting facial experience in Seoul

Searching for which facial to get in Seoul? Joy Kang from Eunogo shares her experience getting a lifting facial. 

I visit Seoul once in 2-3 months and there is one thing I never miss - a new beauty treatment. There are so many quality procedures and options available, the skills of doctors and estheticians are top-notch, and everytime I visit, there are always new and trendy beauty programs that I have to try. Whether you are visiting Korea for holiday or business trip, I would say getting a beauty treatment is the way to make a full benefit of your trip. 

I regularly receive both invasive and non-invasive programs and this time, I decided to go for a premium lifting facial at Spa de Heritz which is located inside the luxurious healing care hotel in Gangnam. 


When I walked into the spa, there was an esthetician greeting me and offered me a welcome tea. Then she gave me a consultation form and a spa menu. Most of the estheticians at the spa speak English so I wouldn't worry about communication if you don't speak Korean. 

I chose the Mary Cohr Catio Lift Facial which is their signature program. This facial uses the CatioVital Lift machine that is available at only one or two spas in entire Korea and Spa de Heritz is one of the two spas that carry this machine. 

The facial began by deep and soft cleansing followed by peeling. The peeling was also very soft and had an amazing smell of lily. I almost fell asleep. My esthetician described that their peeling product has the enzyme substances that are supposed to melt down the dead cells on my skin. 

After three minutes of gentle peeling, there was a warm package mask which helps discharging the rest of skin waste to make my skin the best condition for the Catio Lift.     

Finally it was time for the CatioVital Lift machine.

The technology stimulates the facial muscles resulting in muscle relaxation and lifting effect. The treatment covered my full face as well as my neck. You might feel a little uncomfortable by the wavelength if you are sensitive, then you can ask the esthetician to decrease the strength of the wavelength.  

The last step is the modeling mask to cool the face down which helps to make lifting effect lasts longer and to rejuvenate the skin. 

Total treatment took about 90 minutes and I felt refreshed and my skin felt so smooth and tightened up a bit. The 90-minute-program using high-end skin products, lifting technology, friendly service and spacious interior with warm lights were definitely worthy.

Thanks to my esthetician, I did a tour of the spa to look at other facilities. There were machines for body spa like muscle relaxation and slimming as well as super high-end machines for post-surgery recovery like oxygen capsule and aqua bed. These machines are not readily available in clinics or hospitals where they operate surgeries and I would recommend visiting this spa for this program if you are looking for fast recovery after operation. 

My final thoughts

If you are looking for a long-term, visible anti-aging effect. I would say thread lift, botox or lifting laser is rather right for you. But if you are looking for something relaxing without any downtime, I would highly recommend this program. This treatment will be nice especially the day before an important dinner or event that you want to look best. 

If you want to book the Catio Lift Facial, you can schedule and purchase the program at a discounted price at Eunogo.

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