Top 4 beauty programs you can't miss this summer in Korea

Now that you have planned your trip to Korea, you are most likely researching for things to do during your stay. South Korea is famous for many things such as very Instagrammable Han-ok (Korean traditional houses) village scenes, trendy lounge bars and clubs that never sleep, barbeque with soju with friends, shopping in Garosugil or Myungdong for skincare and countless sheet masks and the list goes on. One thing you just can't miss while traveling in Seoul is to try at least one or two beauty treatments.  
We came up with top four non-invasive beauty programs that are fuss-free and have been loved by our members during their vacation visits. 
korean facial
Especially with some outdoor sightseeing in hot and humid summer weather, our skin easily becomes tired and oily, clogging more pores and producing whiteheads. Skin Detox Peeling Program helps unclogging pores and extracts all the black and whiteheads while hydrating your skin to achieve youthful glow. This is not a chemical peel so it is suitable for all skin types without any downtime or pain. If you prefer a stronger chemical peel to improve sun damage, acne scar and oily skin, Jessner Peel Package might be more suitable option. 
2. Semi-permanent Makeup
Keep hearing about K-Brows? Korean-style volumized, straight eyebrows will certainly make you look younger. 
Korean style straight eyebrows 
If you are in Seoul, this is a perfect opportunity to get semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows, eyeliners or lips. Longtimeliner Korea uses high-tech machines with 56 different pigments that are approved by Korean Food & Drug Administration and you don't need to worry about color, discolorations or infection. You can see more before and after photos here.  
3. Filler/Botox 
While filler and botox procedures are pretty common across the world, Korea is known for great design skills like balancing face proportion at very reasonable price. Fillers and botox are a bit invasive as they involve injection but downtime is almost none as swelling and bruises are not very common after the procedure. Popular areas for filler injections are nose bridge, lipsdark circle, smileline and chin. The whole procedure will take less than an hour.  
Beauty Procedures in Seoul for Summer
While filler procedures are for volumizing the sunken parts of face, botox is to reduce and prevent fine wrinkles. Common areas for botox injection are forehead, angry 11 lines, crow's feet and bulky jaws. You can find the price information for each area here.   
4. Coolsculpting  
We all know that even after diet and exercise, there are still some stubborn fat that never go away. Coolsculpting which dissolves body fat by quickly freezing fat cells is a good alternative to liposuction if you want to avoid having a surgery. While there are many different coolsculpting technologies, we still find Zeltiq the most effective yet. The procedure can take few hours depending on what body areas you want to receive the procedure so we recommend to free up the entire morning or afternoon for this and take a good rest for the rest of the day after the procedure.   

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