Want Fuller Breasts? Know Which Breast Implant Fits You

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Beauty trends have constantly changed and evolved over time, but there is one that stays the same—large, firm breasts! A lot of women go crazy with intense workouts and diets for a bikini body. The problem is, we lose breast size from going on a diet! If you want to shape up and shrink a couple of sizes without losing breasts, you might want to know what types of breast implants there are, and which one fits you.
We’ve picked some of the most commonly asked questions about Breast Implants and gathered useful information for all of you, readers!
Q1 What types of Breast Implants are there?
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reast Implants come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials. Because Silicone implants have now gone out of fashion, there are now two kinds of implants that come in different textures: Textured and Smooth. The Smooth implant has a smooth, sleek surface that is used for women with small breasts and thin skin. The Textured implant has a rougher surface that can easily adhere to the tissues, and it is widely used for many types of breasts.
Q2 How do you know which implant shape to choose?
 Everyone has different breast shapes and thorax sizes, so there are various results with Breast Augmentation. It is best to consult with your surgeon to choose what is best for you and your body, as there are a vast variety of implant shapes on the market. In South Korea, there is a popular implant called “Water-Drop”, which is specifically designed for Asian women’s breasts. The Water-Drop implant gives a natural appearance that will eventually sag along with your breasts (over time) without looking fake. This Water-Drop implant also comes in various sizes, so it is important to carefully select an implant that is for you in order to have the best result.
breast implant in seoul
Q3 Is it necessary to replace the implants after the surgery once in a while?
Women’s breasts not only symbolize female sexuality, but they are also an important function in women’s bodies. In order to prevent breast diseases from occurring, it is recommended to periodically get examined and replace the implants every 10 years. However, if there are no problems in the test results, it is not necessary for a replacement.

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