What is Stem Cell Revision Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a highly popular procedure worldwide. As the nose is located in the center of the face, any abnormalities with the shape of the nose becomes obvious. Unwanted side effects after a rhinoplasty is actually more common than most of us think. Some of these side effects include protruding implant, skin necrosis, or loss of olfactory function, which are very severe and will affect your daily life. In addition, some patients may be dissatisfied with the results of their rhinoplasty because of how it turned out. Some of the common reasons for revision rhinoplasty are uneven nostrils and excessively high nose bridge.

After speaking to Dr. Kyu Ho Lee from Grace ONYoung Plastic Surgery Clinic, we found out that the most common side effect of rhinoplasty is the upturned nose. An upturned nose is when the nose is unnaturally short, and patients often feel psychological distress. Upturned noses can be caused by inflammation after surgery or by a tissue scar inside the nose. Some of the defining characteristics of an upturned nose caused by a botched surgery is if the nose is red or hard like a stone. This is due to the excessive formation of scar tissue in the nose.

Dr. Lee pointed out that a revision rhinoplasty is more difficult and complex than the initial rhinoplasty. Re-operating on the nose is known as revision rhinoplasty or nose reconstruction surgery. Among the various methods of nose revision rhinoplasty, stem cell therapy has significant advantages.

Why use stem cells for revision rhinoplasty?

After the initial rhinoplasty, the skin and cells in the surgical area requires some time to repair and recover from the surgery. Stem cell therapy is the key to shortening this period of time. In essence, it allows you to recover faster from your first rhinoplasty, so you can proceed with the desired revision rhinoplasty.

What exactly are stem cells?

Stem cells are cells with self-replicating and self-renewal abilities. They can differentiate into cells that form multiple tissues and organs. The secretion of growth factors from the cells facilitates the formation of blood vessels that are lacking, increase scar recovery and regenerate damaged tissues.

How often do I have to get it?

Stem cell therapy is usually done at intervals of 2 to 3 days for a duration of 2 to 3 weeks, and the date of the revision rhinoplasty timing should be set after monitoring the progress of the stem cell therapy.

What is the process of the stem cell therapy?

The process of the stem cell therapy typically goes this way:

Step 1: Stem cell extraction

Step 2: Injection into damaged nasal tissues

Step 3: Damaged tissue recovers and stabilizes

Step 4: Revision rhinoplasty

During the stem cell extraction, stem cells are often collected from fat. The reason for this is because Iit is easier to obtain them from fat as compared to stem cells in other tissues. Just like bone marrow stem cells, it has the ability to differentiate into very diverse tissues.

What are the advantages of stem cell therapy?

Compared to other procedures that facilitate healing such as lasers, stem cell therapy has much better results.

  1. Promotes blood vessel formation by secreting growth factors.
  2. Prevents the reabsorption of liposuction tissue to maintain volume
  3. Remains activated in the wound and continues to secrete various growth factors and recovery factors
  4. Minimizes scarring and speed of recovery
  5. Safe, there are little immunological side effects
  6. Can be extracted with a simple procedure, easier and faster to extract large amounts compared to bone marrow stem cells
  7. Excellent efficacy in tissue regeneration & wound healing
  8. Life span of the stem cells is also long

Before & After Photos of Revision Rhinoplasty After Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Lee also emphasized that it is important to consult a plastic surgeon with a lot of expertise and clinical experience for your first rhinoplasty, but if you need a revision rhinoplasty, it is even more crucial that you look for a good plastic surgeon. 

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